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Website Builder Training For Companies & Individuals

Take control of your online presence and learn how to maintain, and revamp your website. The specialists at Alley Kat Web Consulting know that not every organization can retain a full-time webmaster. For these companies, we are happy to offer website builder training sessions that will give you the necessary tools to create a functional, attractive site.

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Our trainers take the time to explain everything in a simple, straightforward way, making it easy to understand and apply to your website. We specialize in WordPress sites, and the training we offer will help you get the most out of your WordPress account. Your training sessions will include all of the following:

  • Handling & Organizing Content
  • Builder Functionality
  • Applying SEO Within the Builder
  • Creating a Better User Experience
  • Evaluating Social Media Accounts
  • & Much More

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Training for Any Budget

At Alley Kat Web Consulting, we have a variety of budget-friendly training options that will be a perfect fit for your business. While we primarily focus on WordPress sites and the WordPress builder, we understand that these sites can be cost-prohibitive. So our specialists can also assist with third-party templates for those working with a different builder.

For Small Businesses & Individuals

For some individuals, organizations, and business owners, building a website is a very personal task that they would prefer to do themselves. For these clients, we will work one-on-one with you to show you how to work within the WordPress builder. We will take the time to show you a variety of functions, as well as some tricks that we keep up our sleeves.

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For Medium & Large Businesses

For medium and large businesses or companies that work in the web design industry, it may be necessary to train a group of employees to build websites. We are happy to work with your team, ensuring they are trained and ready to get to work.

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