Close up of a google analytics dashboard

Google Analytics: Who Needs It?

December 15, 2020

In this portion of our five-part series on Google Analytics (GA), we're covering who needs and benefits from the service. Throughout this article, there are two 'who's' we're reviewing. The first who we cover is who needs Google Analytics? The second and perhaps more vital 'who' to your business is who is visiting you?

Who Needs It?

Much like our post about mobile responsive websites, the answer to who needs Google Analytics — is everyone. For a new business, it could very well be exciting to be unaware of how people find you. But as an establishing business, you must understand how visitors find you. We'll discover why this is later in this series.

Effectively, any person or business that desires to learn any of the following from their visitors needs Google Analytics:

  • Monitoring geographic location for their visitors
  • Determining how visitors find their pages
  • Track marketing campaign successes
  • Understanding visitor search terms on search engines
  • Assisting with future social platform campaign strategies

The bullet points above are but a sample of the reporting benefits from Google Analytics, but we'll explain why using an actual example below.

An established online-only clothing store started utilizing GA on its website. Using the analytical tool, they can see the results from their sale promotions from target locations by using selected coupon codes or shipping benefits. Alternatively, they could use social platforms as a way of targeted marketing and track if it's working by tracking hyperlinks to their sale pages!

These other business models could benefit the most from having Google Analytics:

  • Any online-only eCommerce stores
  • A new company
  • An old company
  • And anyone running a marketing campaign, driving sales or promoting anything

Who Visits You?

Now perhaps the 'who' that website owners want to learn about is who is visiting your pages. Did you know that with Google Analytics, you can uncover data from your audiences like their age groups, gender, referral sources like social links, which devices they are using, and their general location based on their IP address?

This reporting data may not seem crucial for the goods or services you offer, but it will prove necessary for how you manage the website content. Reviewing the reports, it can help to ensure that it is targeting the correct audience and you're getting the attention you deserve.

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