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Google Analytics: When Should You Set Up Analytics?

February 25, 2021

When it comes to getting ahead, seeing the genuine results and proof of your work, time, and money, as the expression goes, there is no time like the present. With Google Analytics top of mind for this topic, it is also no exception.

At the time of this blog entry, we are near the anniversary of our COVID-19 awareness in Nova Scotia. In March of 2020, the province began its quarantine stages and life as we knew it changed. It could easily be said it is hard times, if not just uncertain, but it doesn’t all have to be that way.

In such a fretful time, it may be hard to forget how things were, but also a time to remember that the world goes on, and the time to act online is now. It isn’t just a good time to move forward, but it is a perfect time.

So to complement the topic of this post: when should you set up Google Analytics? The answer is now.

The times we live in are uncertain, yes, complicated and confusing, but seeing how your website is performing, to understand where your traffic comes from and why doesn’t have to be. When you install Google Analytics, you can begin to see tracking details of your visitors within 24 hours. As we have reviewed in our who needs it post, the reporting data from your analytic account can provide critical details on how you’re doing; or what you promote.

How Can Alley Kat Help?

If you are wondering how Google Analytics can improve your online presence, or to see how your presence is already doing, then turn to Alley Kat Web Consulting. Sharpen your website and get the edge in your market by having a how-to session on Google Analytics. In our Google Analytics training, we will discuss your goals and focus on the best way to achieve these goals on your reports. Analyze your website statistics and make sense of the details and bring you your return on investment. Contact Alley Kat Web Consulting and book a 30-minute consultation today.