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Google Analytics: A Recap of What We've Covered

March 22, 2021

Welcome to the final post of Alley Kat Web Consulting's five-part series on Google Analytics. In this last post, we'll briefly sum up the other four parts of the set in an easy recap.

Introducing Google Analytics

Since the age of websites and their hit counters, how we monitor and strategize over the viewing of website traffic has also constantly changed and improved. Since its inception in the early 2000s, Google Analytics as a means of tracking the details of online traffic, has been incorporated into as many as 50 million websites.

Who Benefits

If someone would like to see their website visits and hits, they will need some way of acquiring that data. In most senses, the website owner would like to see the results of their accomplishments as we covered, but there are other reasons, too. For example, what if the site owner wanted to rent advertising space on your website? Sometimes credibility only goes so far, and if the advertiser wants to pay for space on your web pages, they are likely going to request some type of proof.

What better way to show the space renter how your website is doing than hard facts showing the numbers? Do you want to see for yourself how many people visit your website, how long they stay on your store pages, see what country the visits come from, or learn how they came across your beautiful website and scoped out your amazing products? Google Analytics can be the answer to why you are who is benefitting the most by being informed.

What It's All About

Google Analytics is a free-to-use analytical tool that stores all of the crucial details of how your website is responded to by your visiting audience. The tool can be installed on multiple platforms, including websites,, Youtube, and Blogger. The details you can view from the analytic reports can include data tables containing visitor information such as browser specifics, page views, page hits, session duration, and bounce rate percentage.

Users who combine their analytic account with Bing Search Console, in addition to their paid marketing campaigns and track their results, are going to be impacted the most by the functions of the tool.

When to Take Action

As we said in the last post, now is a great time to remember that the world goes on. The time to act online is now. As one saying goes, you need to roll with the changes. The internet, web security, and website design and development, are also no exceptions to this. Choosing not to update your website, as we also discussed in our article about why you should update your website, is just one set of examples of the benefits of change.

Just as updating your website is important, and so is having your website built responsively, installing Google Analytics has its perks and benefits that come with it which can show you the details of this within 24 hours.

Closing Remarks

Alley Kat Web Consulting would like to thank all of our readers for taking the time to read the final chapter in our Google Analytics series. The other entries in this five-part series can be found on our analytic category found here!

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