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Establishing a Brand

September 9, 2020

Your business is finally off the ground, and you're excited to take on the tasks that come with it; that's great! But before you advance, have you considered your brand establishment while you secure your intellectual property? Let's discuss this topic further; read on.

What is a Brand?

Firstly, you need to know what exactly a brand is. When we think of the word 'brand,' we think of shoe companies and clothing lines, car manufacturers, or computer companies. But to define a brand it's a bit broader than just a name. Your brand is the face or mark of your business. When you create a unique and impactful brand, it is what sets you apart—not only from your competitors but from other entities or people as well. When a brand isn't well-established, it could impact noticeability or recognition.

Branding can be many things, a logo, a mark, or a slogan, but it's something recognizable and identifiable to your company. It is because of things like this that your brand is necessary because if you want people to recognize your name, then that becomes part of your brand.

To further elaborate on this, there are different types of branding that you can do, but consistency is the key.

One type of in-demand branding is for your website, or more specifically, the domain name you choose for your website. For website branding, there are price point considerations on top of what your name will be. For example, there are questions you need to answer, such as:

  1. How long is the domain name (i.e.,
  2. Is the name memorable or catchy?
  3. Is the domain name a normal gTLD (generic top-level domain such as a .com) or a specific extension like a .ca or .us? There are hundreds of options available at different prices.
  4. Is your perfect domain name available for registration?
  5. If it is available to register, is it a premium domain name that comes with recognition already but with a heftier price tag?

Domain names are just one area of online branding to consider before fully establishing yourself and could very well affect your budget strategy.

Why Do You Need a Brand?

Branding is essential. If you want a loyal and dedicated following, you need plans. When you venture into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, you should consider checking if your ideal brand choice is in use by other parties. This usage could be acronyms, your name use, or your full company name. Keeping your brand recognizable and top of mind helps your consumers notice you and build trust in your company. Internet security prevention against phishing or hacking is so crucial for corporations because when you lose faith in a brand, you lose customers!

Grow Your Brand With Alley Kat

Now that we know what a brand is, Alley Kat Web Consulting wants to help you succeed. If your business needs branding or rebranding solutions, then look to Alley Kat Web Consulting. We want your brand to represent who you are as a company and put you in the spotlight. We can help create the essential items that every brand needs:

  • A new or updated logo
  • Business cards
  • Marketing brochures
  • & more

Learn more about our process, our team, and what we can do for you. Contact Alley Kat Web Consulting and let us help you reach your vision.