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Meet Our Founder: Allan J. Lefebvre

Alley Kat Web Consulting was founded by Allan J. Lefebvre, who currently acts as our Director of Operations. It is his drive and passion that leads us to create custom marketing solutions for each of our valued clients. He knows that a one-size-fits-all solution will not work for everyone. So he brings his dedication, leadership, and family values to every project, giving him a competitive edge over larger web design brands.

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Allan Lefebvre’s Professional History

For the past 12 years, Allan has worked with Group. During this time, he assisted with the launch of 4 custom products, including one that partnered Group with LexisNexis as well as Web’s Advanced Custom Website Program. The Advanced Custom Website Program utilizes WordPress as its main platform. This is where Allan derived the majority of his experience with this popular platform, and he is ready to use all the tips and tricks that he learned to work on your WordPress site.

Additionally, he was part of Group’s initiative to develop its Custom Website Program. During this project, he learned the value of a customer-centric approach.

As Allan continues to work in the online marketing industry, he continues to grow his skillset and become a stronger designer, teacher, and businessman.

More About Our Fearless Leader

A graduate from Humber College, Allan holds a diploma in Computer Engineering. When he is not hard at work with Alley Kat Web Consulting, he enjoys spending time with his family. Whether they are hiking, camping, solving puzzles, playing games, reading stories, or watching a good movie, they always enjoy each other’s company and spending time together as a family.

Find Allan Lefebvre on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more or discuss your needs.

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